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Google’s voice-controlled searches to be amended


Google’s voice-controlled searches to be amended

If you thought that getting Google to search something with your voice was too hard because of constant misinterpretations, then you’ll love its latest “No, I said” feature.

The search giant’s voice-controlled search app, OK Google, has often caused users to get frustrated and abandon this method of searching due to misheard queries and failures to translate – errors that this type of technology is strongly associated with.

However, the Californian company has recently launched a new feature to the iOS and Android versions of the app that would allow users to amend inaccurate voice-driven search queries.

The new feature, which was introduced with a short video demonstration via Google+, allows users to utilise the phrase “No, I said” followed by the intended search immediately after the service misinterprets a verbal command. By uttering this phrase, the software will attempt to correct itself.

This comes as a welcome feature to users who would normally have to restart the process or manually type their intended queries if the verbal search was not what they had in mind.

In the announcement of this feature, the company – whose search engine is famous worldwide and keeps search engine optimisation companies alert – used the phrase “Baroque artists” as its example, with the software misinterpreting this phrase as “broke artists”. Once the phrase “No, I meant Baroque” was uttered, the search cleared up its misunderstanding and used the desired query instead.

This feature throws down the gauntlet to rivals including Apple’s Siri, which currently has no feature to correct misunderstood searches.

Alan Littler

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