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Google’s spam update – could my site suffer?


Google’s spam update – could my site suffer?

This week, Google launched an update to tackle spam websites in its latest move in a busy period for algorithm tweaks.

A tweet from the Google SearchLiaison Twitter account confirmed the update was taking place on Wednesday. A second tweet added that it was expected to be completed by the end of that day, with another update set to follow next week.

Talk of Google algorithm updates often strikes fear into those who keep a close eye on their rankings, but how worried should webmasters be that their site, or certain parts of it, could be detected as spam by Google and face a search penalty?

Search Engine Journal suggests that most site owners will have no reason to be concerned, as long as their site follows Google’s webmaster guidelines. It also points out while human internet users might use the term “spam” loosely to refer to poor-quality or misleading content, Google’s definition of it is more specific, and this update is more likely to target sites that attempt to seize personal information in underhand ways, or install malicious software.

Nonetheless, it’s another move from Google in what has been a significant few weeks as it seeks to fine-tune its results. The start of the month saw the search engine perform one of its Core Updates, and June has also seen the start of the implementation of Core Web Vitals into Google’s search algorithm – a move that was originally supposed to happen in May. With Search Engine Land reporting another Core Update set to happen next month, it’s a time for search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists to watch closely for fluctuations in rankings.

Well-built sites with high-quality, meaningful content shouldn’t need to worry about Google algorithm updates, and that’s what we offer at Engage Web, so speak to us to make sure you have a visible, high-performing online presence.

John Murray
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