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Google’s revised SEO starter guide has officially been released

Google’s revised SEO starter guide has officially been released

Google has finally released its updated SEO (search engine optimisation) starter guide, which sees it significantly reduced down in comparison to previous versions.

This is Google’s fourth version of the guide since its initial release in 2008, and is aimed towards those who are new to the world of SEO.

According to Google, this update is a:

“More pocket-sized version of the SEO Starter Guide, with a better focus on a starter audience and the topics we think a person who’s just dipping their toes in SEO should focus on, and why.”

Google have compressed and removed a lot of content, as well as adding some new information. They have specified exactly what has been changed here.

Key talking points include:

– How to include topic-rich links that allow for a much more concise reading experience.

– Maintaining an orderly page structure that flows suitably from one topic to the next, as this lineal structure provides a more positive overall user experience.

– How to keep focused on a particular topic, in order to create a better reading experience.

– Prioritising quality over quantity. Too much information can sometimes be too much to take in, hence the importance of keeping text short yet informative.

– The use of suitable images, which can add to the overall experience and feel of the site. As long as you ensure these images are relevant and useful, they can be a great way to break up text and make your site easier to consume.

This guide will be a great way to understand the basics of SEO and how Google will reward your site and its content.

For more information on how you can optimise your own site with quality SEO, reach out to our team at Engage Web today.

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