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Google’s plans for a driverless car could become reality

Google’s plans for a driverless car could become reality

According to Anthony Levandowski, the product manager for the driverless car, it is now possible to start work on building the technology for a vehicle that can drive itself. The cars won’t be able to operate entirely without a driver to check road conditions, but the Google engineer does believe that technology, sensors and software could drive a car more safely than a human.

Speaking at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress which was held in Detroit recently, Levandowski said:

“I think it’s time for us to break that cycle and actually bring them to market sooner. I don’t think we need to wait 10 years for the next model or body styles to come out to build this technology.”

However, there are a number of hurdles which could affect the progress of the driverless cars. Regulation is a possible block on the vehicles, while insurers may have concerns about a car driving itself. Google’s data shows that the cars belonging to the company have covered over 200,000 miles without a driver having to intervene. However, Jeremy Salinger, the innovation programme manager for General Motors, believes the technology may be used in some cars as a Super Cruise feature.

Google argues against the critics who say that the development is still 10 years from being possible. The search engine may have once been viewed in the same light, only to become the most popular search vehicle today. Constant changes and improvements make it necessary for businesses to stay ahead of the game when creating an effective SEO campaign, whether the company is based in Chester or California.

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