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Google’s Panda algorithm is extinct!


Google’s Panda algorithm is extinct!

At a recent conference, Google revealed that the Panda algorithm was replaced by a new algorithm called ‘Coati’ quite some time ago, but does this still affect search engine optimisation (SEO) today?

When the Panda algorithm was released 10 years ago, it focused on reducing the rankings for low-quality sites with low-value content, instead rewarding good-quality websites by increasing their rankings. Good content was seen to offer in-depth research, reports and detailed analysis.

The algorithm was released because Google was concerned back in 2012 that the web would go in a different direction if no action was taken. Google continues to release algorithms just like this to make sure that results answer the searcher’s questions, like the helpful content update launched during the middle of this year.

Hyung-Jin Kim, the VP of Google Search, talked recently about the change of the algorithm and confirmed that pre-2016, before the algorithm was consumed into the larger Core algorithm, Panda became part of the Coati algorithm. Coati, seemingly, was introduced years ago but news of it was never made public.

Should you really care about this?

It doesn’t really matter these days for SEOs, publishers and content writers. However, it is still interesting to know that Google has been chopping and changing algorithms without telling us.

What should be focused on now is writing quality content for your website to make sure that you are answering the questions of searchers. This helps you get in front of your target market, build awareness of your business, and highlight the products and services you provide.

If you want to get more quality visitors to your website, have a chat with our friendly team about our SEO and content writing services to help get you better results from your website.

Jonathon Roberts

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