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Google’s freshness algorithm update means SEO changes

Google’s freshness algorithm update means SEO changes

Recently announcing its latest algorithm update, it is expected that as many as 35% of Google searches will be affected by the change.

The “freshness” algorithm, on the face of it, seems a good progression. In essence, it will deliver results which are said to be far more relevant to the time.

For example, if I search for “Christmas presents”, it is likely I’m looking for things for this year as opposed to things from years’ past. Applying the freshness algorithm, the most up to date results will be returned first, without me having to add 2011.

If it works well, it should make searching for things a good deal easier in many instances, requiring less input and speeding up the process. However, it could also create the need for further input in some cases, possibly where existing information is already vague.

However, it is unlikely most users will notice any real change, always the prime intention of any such update in reality, but it does mean that SEO marketers and webmasters will have to ensure they update their content regularly.

Already something which should be done of course, for those already introducing new content on a daily basis, it could present improved results. This is certainly possible for local companies, tying in their content to local news and events.

If I search for “Christmas presents Chester” for example, I most likely am looking for a place to shop. By introducing topical content about an area of business, companies could well find themselves attracting greater volumes of traffic.

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