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Google alphabet

Google’s December A-Z search terms

Google alphabet

Google’s December A-Z search terms

Earlier on in the year, we took a look at the top Google suggestion for each letter of the alphabet and then took a second look a month later. We thought we’d explore this avenue one last time in 2016, to see whether there have been any drastic changes, or whether those that were already the top suggestion have retained that status.

Below is the list for each letter as of the afternoon of Wednesday 21st December:

• Amazon
• BBC News
• Currys
• Debenhams
• eBay
• Facebook
• Google
• Hotmail
• Ikea
• John Lewis
• Kareena Kapoor
• Lottery
• Morrisons
• Next
• Outlook
• PayPal
• Quiz
• River Island
• Sainsburys
• Tesco
• Unidays
• Very
• Weather
• X Factor
• YouTube
• Zara

We can break this down into the following:

• 15 retailers (including eBay, Amazon and student discount site Unidays)
• 2 financial-related items (Lottery and PayPal)
• 2 social media sites (Facebook and YouTube)
• 2 email applications
• 1 news source
• 1 search engine
• 1 TV programme
• 1 person
• The weather

How does this list differ from our other ones?

As you might expect at this time of year, the list is dominated by retailers’ online shopping sites. People are searching for things they’d like to have for Christmas and are purchasing gifts for others here too. As a result, more than half of the list is taken up by this field.

One letter seems to change every time we compile a list like this – the letter K. We’ve seen three different people take this title – musician Kanye West, footballer Kingsley Coman and, this month, actress Kareena Kapoor. This is the only person to make the list, so if you are a famous person with a name beginning with K, you may find yourself as the top Google search suggestion in the near future, as this changes more often than a baby’s nappy!

What has remained the same?

Throughout this series of articles, a total of 13 letters, half the alphabet, have remained sturdy and not changed at all while we have been looking at them. These include the likes of BBC News, eBay, Facebook, Google, John Lewis and YouTube.

When we compare this list to our March list, only the Lottery can be added to the list of retainers, meaning that there was a total of nine changes since our last analysis.

To summarise, only a handful of letters change on a regular basis and some more frequently than others. A heap of popular brands and companies retained their popularity and status as number one suggestion in Google. This means it would take something major to change the flow for the majority of letters.

Alan Littler
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