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Google’s 5-step plan to diagnose search ranking drops

Google’s 5-step plan to diagnose search ranking drops

The world of SEO (search engine optimisation) is highly unpredictable, making it easy for companies to consequently drop off when it comes to ranking.

What’s worse, a lot of companies might not even know the reasons why they have had such a drop off.

In an attempt to help companies with this, Google’s Danny Sullivan has put together a 5-step plan in order to help businesses identify where they went wrong, and why their website has fallen behind others in terms of ranking.

This useful guide offers tips to website owners that have experienced a decline; how to analyse changes over time; and emphasises the point that ranking fluctuations are normal, given the constant evolution of search engines.

Sullivan’s 5-step plan to diagnose and address issues with website performance is as follows:

  • Visit the Search Console on Google and select Search Results from Performance
  • Compare the figures and metrics from the past six months to the period prior
  • Sort the Queries report by Clicks Difference
  • Find some of the top queries and see where clicks dropped off the most
  • Check if the site is still ranking highly for those terms

Sullivan added:

“If you’re still ranking in the top results, there’s probably nothing fundamental you have to correct.”

He also emphasised that differences in traffic can be a result of Google’s systems considering other content more useful at that particular time.

If you are experiencing issues with your site’s ranking or have any SEO related questions, get in touch with Engage Web today.

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