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Google: You’re using it wrong pt. 2

google new logo   Google Search   2015 09 02 09.46.44

Google: You’re using it wrong pt. 2

Welcome to part 2 of our short series in how to get the best from Google. Once you’ve learned these tips, searching for stuff on the internet will never be the same again:

Use a hyphen to limit your search

Sometimes, you may find that you’re searching for a word that has several different meanings. For example, ‘fiesta’ could be a car or a Spanish party. Using a hyphen means that you can weed out unwanted results in your search. For example, to filter out results relating to cars, you would type:

Fiesta –cars

Want to a find a page that links to another page?

This may sound confusing, but it’s pretty straightforward: imagine you want to search for a page that links to an article on the Guardian newspaper’s site. You would use the following:


Find a site similar to another site

Getting a little bored with the sites you browse when the boss isn’t looking? Google has a trick up its sleeve that will let you find sites similar to them. Let’s use computer games site Gamespot as an example. By searching:


– Google will not return a result for Gamespot itself, but sites that feature similar content, such as GamesRadar, Giant Bomb and IGN.

Find definitions of words

If you come across a word you’re not sure of, Google can give you a lightening-fast definition using the ‘define’ command. For example, by typing in:

Define: horologist

– you’ll see that a horologist is somebody who studies the science of measuring time. If a horologist is on hand, they’ll see that you saved a lot by not having to flick through a dictionary.

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