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Google: You’re using it wrong pt. 1

google new logo   Google Search   2015 09 02 09.46.44

Google: You’re using it wrong pt. 1

Google is at the point where it’s everywhere; it’s even become a verb. You have probably said “let me just Google that” without even realising. However, as much as you’ve used it, you can bet that you’re missing out on a host of features.

Using Google search doesn’t have to be just entering any old search term. As good as it is, you can help it along by using a few expert tips and tricks:

Using punctuation

To search for an exact phrase, with the words in the exact order you wish, place quote marks around your search term.

Example: “Star Wars birthday cakes”

If you want to search for the price of something, instead of trawling Amazon, you can include a pound sign in your search.

Example: Star Wars birthday cake £20

If you’re looking for an item within a particular price range, you can use two full stops between the amounts.

Example: Star Wars birthday cake £20..£50

Search operators

As handy as it is, you’ll only get so far with punctuation. Instead, you can refine your search further by using some of these examples.

Did you know that you can tell Google to restrict its search to a specific site? All you need to do is to include the operator ‘site:’.

Example: star Wars birthday cake site:worldofcakes.com

You can even use an operator to see how a page looked the last time Google crawled it. This is handy if you’re searching for posts that have been deleted. All you need to do is place ‘cache:’ in the address bar.

Example: cache:worldofcakes.com

Can’t remember the words in a song lyric or famous quote? Inserting an asterisk in place of the word acts as a wildcard, meaning that Google knows to look for it:

Example: May the * be with *

Stay tuned for more Google tips!

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