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Google disavow

Google updates search with Full Coverage feature

Google disavow

Google updates search with Full Coverage feature

Search giant Google has now begun its launch of the ‘Full Coverage’ feature, which can already be found on its Google News app, onto its search results.

The new feature was rolled out on the News app in 2018, and it provides users with greater coverage of news stories by presenting a range of sources covering the topic. The search engine said that it would be releasing the feature into its standard search results in 2019, and although it appears to be over a year later, it is now following through on that pledge.

With Full Coverage, Google uses artificial intelligence (AI) to collect together news stories on a common topic in real time. Its aim is to provide users with a broader, more complete look at a particular news story and how it’s being covered by various different outlets. It also helps people to follow a story as it unfolds.

Due to the progression element, Full Coverage won’t be available for all news stories, as it’s intended to be used for those that develop across a period of time, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the Six Nations tournament.

To find this new feature, users can make a search query for a news story and then scroll right to the end of the “Top stories” carousel, where they’ll find a new “View Full Coverage” button. It can also be accessed by clicking the “More news on [story name]” button at the bottom of the carousel.

Speaking of the launch, Google said that the search results feature was more advanced than that of the app. It added that the feature’s aim is:

“To help people easily find top news along with additional content like explainers and local coverage that are helpful to understanding these complex stories.”

Full Coverage has now been released for mobile search results for US English queries, with it set to be launched in more countries over the next few months, meaning it won’t be long before we see it over here in the UK. The significance of this new feature is that it provides the opportunity for sites that publish news stories to gain more traffic, as users will be presented with more outlets covering particular stories.

While there’s no secret formula for optimising your news pieces specifically for this feature, it does strengthen the advice that if you’re a website owner, you should aim to put out regular, relevant and informative content for your audience, and if it happens to be news-based, you could find your site appearing on Full Coverage.

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