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Man looking at reports

Google updates Page Experience report

Man looking at reports

Google updates Page Experience report

Google has recently updated its Page Experience report in Search Console, and it has also released a new update about the criteria needed to be successful with the latest Page Experience core algorithm update.

If you have recently been in your Google Search Console, you may have seen an update to remove redundant data in the Page Experience report. These updates in the report include removing both the Ad Experience and Safe Browsing widgets, with the report now showing the below:

Page Experience Report Blog Image 002

Removal of the Safe Browsing widget

Google announced in a recent blog post* that it would be getting rid of the Safe Browsing widget within the Page Experience report in Search Console, saying that:

“We recognize that these issues aren’t always within the control of site owners, which is why we’re clarifying that Safe Browsing isn’t used as a ranking signal and won’t feature in the Page Experience report.”

Removal of the Ad Experience widget

In the blog, Google also states that it will also be getting rid of the Ad Experience widget, which it said wouldn’t affect the Page Experience algorithm, as it has never been used as a ranking signal. The removal of the widget is so that the same information wouldn’t be shown in two sections of its platform. However, the data will continue to be available in a standalone tool.

Other Page Experience report changes

Google is also rolling out some improvements to the Page Experience report, so that data can be more easily understood. These improvement include:

• Adding a banner on the Page Experience report and Core Web Vitals report to show that there is ‘no recent data’
• Removing a bug that was causing the Core Web Vitals report to display a ‘Failing HTTPS’ message if there was no data
• Changing the vacant state text in the Core Web Vitals and Page Experience reports

If you need a new website that meets all the criteria for the Page Experience algorithm update, here at Engage Web, we can create a website for you that is search engine-friendly. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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