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Google updates launched for Street View

Google updates launched for Street View

Google Street View has received its biggest update so far recently, with 250,000 miles being updated. In addition to updating the Street View roads, Google has increased its number of special collections, with indoor views being added for sites like Elsinore Castle in Denmark. Google will also increase coverage for Street View in various places.

According to an announcement in a Google blog post, there will be greater coverage for Street View in a number of countries, including the UK, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Thailand and Canada. The same blog post also stated that special collections would be introduced to Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Mexico and other nations.

Although Apple IOS 6 users experienced difficulties with the maps app recently, the new features for Google Street View are accessible through Google’s web application. Owners of an iDevice can access Street View through maps.google.com. Google Maps has recently been updated to include footage of some of the most breathtaking underwater spots in its ‘ocean collection’. Users of Google Maps can explore these areas, including coral reefs in the Philippines, Australia and Hawaii.

Street View allows users to explore their surroundings with a 360-degree view, including the inside of some establishments, such as restaurants, landmarks and sports stadiums. The changes made to Google Street View could have an effect on any business which is registered with Street View, from Liverpool to London. The improvements could also make it necessary to make changes to a company’s search engine optimisation campaign, seeing as Google is increasing its use of localised searching.

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