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Google tries out continuous scrolling on desktop


Google tries out continuous scrolling on desktop

Google has announced that it has started rolling out continuous scrolling to desktop search results in the US, but what does this mean and will it come to the UK soon?

What is continuous scroll?

Continuous scroll allows you to scroll down for more search results, giving searchers more information so that they don’t have to click to go onto the new page, which would traditionally be page two. However, the search results are not going to be an infinite scroll – at some point you will have to click through to the next page.

What does this mean for your website?

Your website could be seen more easily even if you are ranking on page two now. On the other hand, it could have a negative effect on the data you get from Google Search Console as it may not encourage searchers to look beyond the first few results.

Could this affect Google advertising?

Continuous scrolling is already available on mobile search, so it is likely Google Ad placements will mimic the style we see there, with ads appearing at the top of the screen and then appearing sporadically as you scroll down.

Will this new update be released in the UK?

Continuous scroll has been available on mobile search for a while now, originally being released back in October 2021. We don’t know for sure but it seems more than likely that Google will release continuous scroll to the UK search results soon.

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