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Google trails behind Bing according to report?

Google trails behind Bing according to report?

According to a report released by Experian Hitwise, Google falls way behind Bing and Yahoo when it comes down to accuracy of search results. The report shows that search engine users are more likely to find what they are looking for when they perform a search on Bing or Yahoo, rather than Google.

The statistics claim that 81.36 percent of Yahoo users would experience success when searching for information, which means that they would click through to a website straight away. For Bing, approximately 80 percent of searches were successful, while only 68 percent of Google users would find what they were looking for straight away.

As Paul McDougall from Information Week notes, the statistics revealed by Experian Hitwise could be positive news for the advertising team at Microsoft. He wrote:

“The numbers could help Microsoft boost its revenue from online services, as they show marketers that keywords purchased on Bing-powered sites have a better click-through rate than those purchased on Google.”

However, the director of Bing, Stefan Weitz spoke to the tech site CRN and admitted:

“This is a long-term game for Bing and Bing continues to be focused on creating a great customer experience, solid execution and steady market share growth.”

Bing may be focused on the quality of a search experience, but Google is still the undisputed champion when it comes to search engines. Bing and Yahoo have much lower percentage shares of the search traffic, with Google racing ahead and handling the majority of searches. As a result, it is necessary to make appropriate changes to search engine optimisation techniques for a successful SEO campaign.

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