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Google to start catering to children


Google to start catering to children

The world’s leading search engine company is to develop a number of restricted services to help make the web safer for younger users.

At a time when children are more internet savvy than ever, Google is set to launch censored versions of its YouTube and Chrome services. In fact, a recent study has claimed that ‘iPad’ has now become the most well known brand in the US amongst six to twelve year olds, beating firm childhood favourites such as Disney and McDonald’s.

The tech giant hopes that the new child-centric features, which will also include its Search function, will help to make sure that the young are not exposed to inappropriate content while online. Pavni Diwanji, Google’s vice president of engineering, commented to USA Today that the software could be used in the home and at school, as children are often exposed to unfiltered content while in these locations.

She added that the new push for kid-friendly services was being fuelled by the company’s staff coming of age and having children of their own.

The aim, according to Diwanji, would not only be to give parents more control over what their children can find online, but to also allow them to become “creators” of tech, rather than “pure consumers”.

While it is still unclear whether search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting services will have to change how they utilise Google to boost companies’ online reputations, those organisations that already cater to children could find it an easier way to target their core audience, including charities and children’s programmes.

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