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Google to let businesses add services to My Business accounts

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Google to let businesses add services to My Business accounts

Last week, Google released an update to Google My Business that will allow service-based enterprises to list the types of services it can offer to potential customers.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, November 27, as a brief bulletin on the Google My Business Help page. In this, Google has stated that it will provide a list of suggested types of service that a business may want to choose from, however this list will not be exhaustive, and can be customised to suit all businesses.

Google gave the example of a plumber, and the suggested services that those in this industry could select include ‘Repair toilet’ or ‘Install tap’. These services would then be added to the company’s Google My Business listing for potential customers to see when they come across the listing either through an organic search in Google’s search engine or through Google Maps.

The search company believes that having a list of standard jobs available to view will make it simpler for potential customers to find and see the services on offer, and match them with their needs. For businesses, Google has suggested that utilising these lists would help to generate more relevant leads as they will be found more easily based on the type of service they want sales for.

Not only is there potential for more of the leads for services a business wants, it could also see a decline in leads for jobs they may not want to be found for. This would represent a win-win for these companies.

If the service a business provides is not on Google’s standard default list of suggestions, then they will be able to add to the list themselves. To do this, when signed into the Google My Business account, click the location to be managed and click ‘Info’ from the menu that appears. Next, you will be taken to the ‘Services’ section, where you should click ‘Edit’. Here, you will be able to add the desired services.

This is currently only available to businesses in the USA, but should this be a hit, it will likely be rolled out to other countries in the future.

Alan Littler

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