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Google to launch customisable smartphone

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Google to launch customisable smartphone

Google has yet another ambitious development in the pipeline. Called Project Ara, it will allow users to build their own smartphones by connecting components themselves.

There are still many questions that have been left unanswered by the Californian enterprise, but it is believed that users would be able to add or remove modules to the handset without having to reboot it, meaning that the final handset is a completely custom-made smartphone.

The search company is rumoured to have a fully working prototype of the device, which will be demonstrated at this year’s inaugural Ara developer’s conference. This will be held in December this year, with the product’s public launch being scheduled for as early as March 2015.

Components such as the camera, storage and sensors, amongst others, will be swappable on the device; however, some would still remain permanent and unadjustable, such as the display and the processors responsible for keeping the phone running.

Google, perhaps better known for the tool that keeps search engine optimisation companies on the ball, has also revealed that it will be launching a new online store catering for Project Ara, offering users the chance to purchase additional modules and components for the device. It will be set up in a similar way to its Google Play store.

Project Ara is one of many ambitious ventures that the search firm is working on, including the self-driving car and its strategy to offer internet connections via drones, in a similar way to social network Facebook.

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