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Google+ tipped to beat Facebook by tech developers

Google+ tipped to beat Facebook by tech developers

The Google+ social networking tool has not been in existence for a short time, but already tech developers are convinced that it will catch up with its number one rival, Facebook. A quarterly survey by Appcelerator, a Web development tool maker and IDC, a market research company, questioned 2012 mobile application developers.

The results revealed that two thirds of the respondents believe that Google+ will catch up with Facebook in the race for social media supremacy. The main reason for this belief according to 68 percent of the developers, is that Google also has YouTube, search engine, maps and many other innovations which make it a market leader in so many areas.

The results of the survey suggest that developers are looking to Google+ as the next technological breakthrough, with developers already wanting to write programmes for the social networking site. However, Google+, which is still only at the project stage for Google and use is by invite only, only has 20 million users which is a way behind Facebook with 750 million users. According to Appcelerator’s vice president of marketing, Scott Schwarzhoff:

“Google+ poses an interesting opportunity that catches their eye.”

Schwarzhoff thinks that it’s innovation like the Circles feature which will allow users to place their friends in different groups, so that specific groups can be targeted with updates, which will be an attraction for developers. This innovation from Google ensures its integration into an effective SEO campaign. Social media plays a large role in search engine optimisation.

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