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Google takes the lead in searches during 2012

Google takes the lead in searches during 2012

According to a study recently conducted by comScore, Google’s market share of United States searches increased in January to 66.2 percent, following December’s percentage of 65.9. The latest data indicates that Google has an even stronger hold on the search market this year, as 2012 gets underway. The study was carried out to analyse the five search engines which are largest in the US. Microsoft Bing is the closest rival to Google, and secured a market share of just 15.2 percent, which represents a one percent increase on December’s figures.

There were a total of 17.8 billion web searches carried out in the US during January 2012, according to data from the study. Of these searches, 11.8 billion searches were carried out using Google search. Yahoo! is the third competitor in the search engine war, but has only a 14.1 percent share of the market. However, rather than increasing, the market share for Yahoo! fell by 0.4 percent in January. The market shares for AOL and Ask Network stood at 1.6 and 3.0 percent respectively in January. The study was a comparison of figures for December 2011 and January 2012, for locations at home and work in the US.

Google plays an integral role in a company’s SEO campaign as page ranking is crucial, especially when you initially start your own business, whether situated in Liverpool UK or in the US. Some SEO jobs are made much more difficult as changes occur with various search engine algorithms.

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