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Google still dominates search but Bing sees another increase

Google still dominates search but Bing sees another increase

Recent figures from comScore show that when it comes to the focus of search engine optimisation strategy, Google is still the leading light to illuminate ideas with.

The latest findings from the search industry tracker put Google well ahead in the US search market, with 67% of share; an increase of 0.3% in the month. However, Bing continues to see its fortunes rise, gaining a further 0.2% for the month.

The Microsoft product posted a market share of 16.5% for January; easily its highest ranking. However, the continued decline of Yahoo will not be seen in such a positive light by the firm.

Whilst the news will be welcomed by the US firm, the state of the UK market is not so clear. Since tax avoidance schemes used by the company emerged, its share of the market here was quite significantly affected, causing a few challenges for SEO professionals.

However, with us humans being creatures of habit, anecdotal evidence suggests many users have reverted back to Google for their searches, despite trying other platforms. Whilst SEO needs to be relevant for all search providers therefore, having a clear inclination to the rainbow-fonted engine is still favoured.

The increases seen by Google in the US are also a sign that it is performing well in the innovation stakes. This a measure which is always replicated here.

With constant updates to its maps and translation products for example, it has increased its user base. Changes to its shopping feature are still very much yet to be determined for consumer impact though.

All in, the comScore figures predict continued growth globally throughout 2013.

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