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Google stays on top of ‘bad ads’

Google stays on top of ‘bad ads’

Google recently announced it was on target in the war against ‘bad ads’. Advertisements which are scams and other ads considered to be dangerous are being removed at a rapid rate. Google has removed double the amount of bad advertisements this year as it did in 2010.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s engineering chief, stated in a blog post that over 130 million ads had been removed, which were either dangerous or scams. As online advertising plays an integral role on the web, people must be able to trust Google to display legitimate ads. Ramaswamy stated that, much like other internet companies the world over, Google is at war against counterfeit websites, fraudulent ticket sites and international sites, operating underground, spreading spyware and malware. Ramaswamy continued to say it was vital to stay vigilant to prevent those responsible for scams from finding new ways to abuse the systems in place.

According to Ramaswamy, a large number of the scam ads are stopped before they are displayed, with 150,000 accounts being terminated in 2011, as a result of attempts to display goods which were counterfeit. Landing pages which are linked to an advertisement are automatically scanned by Google, preventing a number of bad ads being displayed. Google may also face charges if ads which are bad are displayed, as has happened in the past. This cost Google $500m.

As Google cracks down on bad ads, the system change used to scan ads can make some SEO jobs more complex. Search engine optimisation for a large number of companies will focus primarily on Google, making it crucial to stay ahead of changes.

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