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Google shows off self-driving car


Google shows off self-driving car

Internet search giant Google has unveiled a prototype of its first self-driving car at this year’s Code Conference.

The vehicle has been designed in a way that it will contain no steering wheel or acceleration and brake pedals.

The car, which is run electronically, also has no room for a stereo, a glove compartment or even any mirrors, just two seats and a stop-start button. The motor, which has yet to be named by the company, is believed to have a top speed of 25mph, plastic windshields and two sets of systems built in for braking and acceleration, showing that safety is a big priority for the Californian firm.

Google, who is perhaps best known for its search engine, which keeps search engine optimisation (SEO) businesses busy, has been thought to be working on this project for a while. Despite the fact that it is still in the prototype phase, the company has big hopes and plans to build approximately 100-200 more in the next couple of years.

Sergey Brin, the Co-founder of the search firm, unveiled the automobile and has said:

“It should be far safer than any other car for pedestrians.”

The company has set a target for its vehicles to be road safe and in use by 2018, although Brin believes that this target may be a bit over ambitious.

He also outlined that the self-driving car would eliminate the need for parking, as once you have arrived at your destination it would simply go and collect another passenger.

Alan Littler

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