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Google senior technician to work on voice recognition

Google senior technician to work on voice recognition

Dave Burke, head of engineering for Google UK, is to relocate to Mountain View to work on voice recognition for mobile phones.

Burke joined the team of approximately 80 technicians at Google in 2007, to concentrate on mobile commerce and advertising. Google’s Android has become the world’s most popular operating system for mobile technology, thanks to the London team.

However, Burke will now join Andy Rubin, the senior technician of the Android team in California. Rubin sold Android in 2005 to Google. The search engine giant is looking at the improvement of voice recognition, so that users can speak rather than type commands into their mobile. Although Android is capable of receiving voice commands to compose an email or for search terms, the accuracy rate is still low. Mobile technology developers are competing in the race to create accurate voice recognition software which will avoid the need for typing on a touch screen, which is clumsy.

Google’s team in London are thought to be expanding, although Google are staying quiet on the subject. The UK technicians are working on the improvement of Google Wallet and other new additions to its products. A Google spokesperson said:

“Unfortunately we’re not able to comment on the internal movements and details of individual Googlers. In terms of the UK engineering team, they will continue to focus on a wide range of Google products, including mobile.”

Whether a business is situated in California or Liverpool, Google has a role to play in any creative SEO campaign.

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