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Google reveals that social networking impacts on search

Google reveals that social networking impacts on search

Google guru Matt Cutts has given confirmation on what many in the SEO community felt was on the horizon in the word of Internet search – social networking factors in search results.

Those casting their minds back to May 2010 may recall Cutts, who is known for implementing Google’s webmaster guidelines and cracking down on link spam, stating that Google’s search algorithms did not take into account social networking elements when determining the search results for a website. However, the search giant has executed a U-turn and has said that this has now changed.

Cutts has gone to some lengths to stress that this does not mean that the more followers a business has on Twitter or Facebook, the higher it will rank in Google’s search results. Instead, followers with an impeccable reputation will be the key to search engine optimisation.

As expected, Google has not revealed exactly how this will work, nor are we expecting them to, but some figures within the search engine optimisation industry feel that link building will be served by your followers ‘re-tweeting’ your posts on Twitter. The links included in your tweets may also be considered.

Many SEO jobs taken on by those within the industry will have some aspect of social networking related to them. It is no surprise that Twitter’s meteoric rise in popularity now has a bearing on search results, but search engine optimisation experts will be watching very carefully to see how this plays out with Facebook, given the posturing between the social networking giant and Google in recent months.

  • As most of the companies are advertising through social media sites, it is bound to make an impact right?! These sites are a good platform to offer your service to a number of people other than your friends and colleagues.

  • That is good to know. I had heard that it would help, but was not aware that friend count would have no impact. This is good news!

  • Will the change in Google algorithm spark an interest in spamming Twitter with unrelated links? There are many other social networking sites, aside from Twitter and Facebook. How will they play out?

  • So much of facebook is hidden from the SERPs that I wonder how they’re actually going to implement this.

  • @marketing windsor i agree with you, I wonder how this will be implemented successfully when so much has been hidden from google by FB

  • As I know, Twitter use nofollow tag, and Google never counted that before. And what about other socials similar to twitter?

  • DIgg Stumble and Twitter, Facebook are main giant before doing anything on facebook always remember their policy as well, and try to post things in natural way, not to do spamming, only 3 Posts on Each Social networking Website.

  • I have watched the social networking evolve and have used it extensively on my site with no good results. Google does not give much to the links if you ask me. you can look me up in alexa and see that there is no gain. Not happy about that.

  • Surely that depends whether you believe nofollow still has as much impact as it used to? It seems to be that PR still leaks, even though a link is nofollowed

  • Another way to use the popularity of social networking to the advantage of your corporation is to perhaps join one or more of the most popular social networking sites and begin discussions, groups, etc. around your relevant products and services.

  • we all know that the social networking sites are the places where a huge group of people interact with each other and in this way it is natural thing that the trend going on in the social networking sites are much more effective in making and tweaking the search results.

  • I also use social networking for business , but most visitor come from search engine and commercial add, is that true social networking will be the next spam?

  • I think twitter is a fantastic thing but if google starts to consider it when ranking sites dosnt that just mean people are going to be sending spammy tweets all the time, eventually ruining twitter?. At the moment I get great results from social media marketing let’s just hope they don’t ruin it.

  • Yes Ben, I know what you mean. Although I’d hope that if Google can detect spammy sites, it will also learn to detect spammy tweets

  • i had heard that this was the case and now its good to have confirmation.


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