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Google reveals manual action taken over spam

Google reveals manual action taken over spam

Everyone in the world of search engine optimisation is well aware that all search engines have top tech in place to combat spamming and malpractice. However, an area which is far less known about is the manual efforts that go on in the background too.

Now though, there is a peek into actual real-life human beings working away to fight spurius campaigns, as Google has released some data covering the last eight years.

Whilst the data, taking it’s place in an infographic in the new “How Search Works” section, goes back to August 2004, it is the current data which will be of most use and interest to those in SEO.

What the chart shows is that by far the biggest issue being faced currently is ‘Pure Spam’. Pure Spam is defined as being a site which uses aggressive techniques such as cloaking and content scraping.

It also covers those sites found to commit repeated violations of the guidelines.

Another heavy workload is generated by ‘Hacked Sites’, which simply involves the penalisation of sites that, due to hacking, are no longer disseminating the content promised.

Other categories shown on the infographic include ‘Unnatural Link Actions’, which is an area which seems to be in decline.

There is also a listing for ‘Automatic Actions’, which covers the Panda updates and so on.

The data is certainly interesting but, what is not shown is any clear date information. However, with a little jigging about with the week numbers, this can be worked out and then, it is clear to see trends.

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