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Google reveals its annual top searches

Google reveals its annual top searches

Thursday December 15 2011 saw Google announce details of the year’s most popular searches from the millions of queries it is used for each day. Always interesting, and sometimes thought provoking reading, SEO’s and marketers will no doubt pore over them and draw their own conclusions.

The top five UK searches comprised Facebook, YouTube, Hotmail, eBay and Google.

Though no details are available, it is likely the searches relating to the top two were part of longer search queries; most likely including the names of celebrities in order to find their social media accounts, or popular videos.

Talking of which, many of these paragons of society are probably laughing or crying over the results as you read this.

The top ten celebrity searches on Google in 2011 were, with one exception, all female. The one exception being Ricky Gervais, who came in at number 8, largely driven by his antics at award shows, and his popular TV vehicles such as the BBC’s “Life’s Too Short” and Sky’s “An Idiot Abroad 2”.

The list was topped by Kim Kardashian. Victoria Beckham came in second and Emma Watson third.

The remaining members, except Gervais, were equally good looking girls. However, Google does not publish results of “adult” terms so, just what the searches related to will remain a mystery.

In other, more business specific search terms, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys [sic] and Morrisons all rated well. Considering supermarkets are well known for their reluctance to embrace targeted content, it is just as well direct searches are made to lead the traffic.

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