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Google pushes the green factor

Google pushes the green factor

Google’s blog was full of green news last week, with the company pushing its own green factor. It started with an energy analysis on Wednesday, Google using a recent Carbon Disclosure Report to promote the carbon efficiency of its cloud technologies. The search engine company followed this up with the Friday launch of ‘The Big Picture,’ a new section within the Google Green site.

Both green-focussed blog posts concentrated on the hard numbers, with the cloud post analysing the comparative carbon footprint of Gmail and YouTube. The positive results, which fall in line with Google’s stated ambition to reduce its carbon footprint, are likely to be continuously reinforced with ‘The Big Picture’, which is planned to set out Google’s annual energy statistics. The page is still experiencing one or two design hiccups.

Google’s urge to go green may not be supremely significant for the search industry or to any search engine optimisation plans, but it is an interesting move. The competition between Google and Bing has been slowly heating up over the past year. Social media competitors have also been gaining more attention as time goes by. It is likely that the search engine is looking to gain any edge it can get, and demonstrating the company’s green-friendly nature is just one of the angles taken so far.

The company’s efforts are also heartening for the average website owner struggling to cope with their SEO jobs. When it comes down to it, even Google has to put significant effort into reputation management.

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