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Man listening to podcast

Google pushes podcast listeners towards YouTube

Man listening to podcast

Google pushes podcast listeners towards YouTube

A change to how Google directs users to podcasts appears to be nudging them onto YouTube, when previously it was possible to listen to individual episodes from the search results pages.

The move is a deliberate one according to an article on Podnews, while Search Engine Journal has speculated that this may signal Google’s intentions to make YouTube its primary platform for promoting podcasts, rather than Google Podcasts, which it hasn’t updated since mid-2021.

That same year, it was revealed by Bloomberg that Google was on the lookout for staff to oversee its podcasting arm, suggested that Google is looking to boost its focus on this form of media and find new ways to help users access it.

According to Podnews, Google has said the change is an example of how the search engine is always looking to “improve the experience for our users”, but while it could be argued that removing podcasts results in a less cluttered results page, many users may question how forcing them to click through to YouTube is a better experience than being able to watch and listen to a podcast straight from their search.

On the other hand, podcast producers who monetise their YouTube channel might be pleased to see more viewers actually visiting their channel and potentially checking out their other videos. However, it does raise the question of where this leaves podcast producers who use Vimeo, DailyMotion and other non-Google owned video streaming sites.

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