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Google pushes multimedia ad angle

Google pushes multimedia ad angle

Google has seemingly started a new campaign to market the multimedia attraction of Google advertising. In a recent blog post, Google’s Vice President of Product Management, Nick Fox, pushed the multimedia angles of its advertising spaces with the new campaign ‘Just Answers’. The campaign’s angle is that ads are ‘just answers’, presumably to business problems as well as consumer needs.

The campaign’s main focus is on the multi-platform environment of the internet, where advertisers have to consider mobile devices, tablets and local searches when formulating their advertising plans. Fox talked about the local and social angles Google is pursuing within its ads, and did a little advertising of his own for Google’s multi-link format, which he stated is 50 percent more likely to attract clicks than an ad without any links at all.

The changes in Google, and other search engine, advertising are significant for businesses. Many businesses invest in search engine advertising to boost search engine optimisation work, and those in SEO careers often have to take a search marketing strategy on board during their work. Businesses without a strong concentration on organic traffic for their site are likely to rely heavily on attracting attention via search marketing.

As multimedia ads become more a more common sight in Google’s search pages, it’s possible that advertisers will have to invest in link-featuring advertising just to keep up with competitors. Fox’s blog post certainly seems to suggest so. If Fox’s blog post is any indication, though, Google is also feeling a bit of the pressure to keep up.

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