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Google purchases ‘out of the box’ delivery system

Google purchases ‘out of the box’ delivery system

Google has recently purchased BufferBox, a Waterloo based company, reportedly for $17 million. BufferBox started around two years ago located in the same building as Google’s regional office, the Lang Tannery building. The company was originally launched by three graduates of the University of Waterloo, who wanted to make parcel delivery a more convenient experience for online consumers.

As increasing numbers of people shop online, there are more packages being delivered. As a large proportion of those people are out of the home all day, packages are often left on the doorstep in view of passers by or anyone expecting a delivery has to stay at home all day. BufferBox came up with the idea of having kiosks placed in strategic locations so that people can have parcels delivered there. Once a parcel is ready for pick-up, an email is sent to the recipient with a PIN which can only be used once. At a time which is convenient to that person, they can go to the kiosk and use the unique PIN supplied by BufferBox to retrieve their parcel.

Co-founder of BufferBox, Mike McCauley said:

“Online shopping can be cost effective and time saving, but today’s outdated and frustrating parcel delivery process can ruin the experience. Our technology offers people shopping online peace of mind that their parcel is secure and available for anytime pick-up.”

Now that Google has purchased BufferBox, the two can combine resources, ideas and talent to make the concept a success. As Google continues to excel, businesses include the search engine in their SEO campaign, hoping to improve search engine optimisation strategy.

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