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Google purchases biotech company


Google purchases biotech company

American search giant Google has acquired a biotech company that is responsible for creating a high-tech spoon developed to make everyday life easier for those with diseases like Parkinson’s.

The financial terms of the deal are yet to be announced, but this is not the first acquisition in health technology made by the company; last year, it invested in Calico, an enterprise which develops medicines used to extend life.

The company involved in Google’s latest purchase, Lift Labs, is set to become part of its research division. The spoon developed by the biotech enterprise utilises sensors that can detect tremors, cancelling out up to 70% of them using similar technology to image-stabilisation features in cameras.

Both companies announced the deal on the search site’s own social network, Google+, with the California-based company – which rose to fame through the search engine that keeps SEO companies on the ball – saying it believes the tremor-preventing device can improve the quality of life of millions.

The co-founder of Lift Labs, Sergey Brin, commented as part of the announcement that the internet giant will help it reach out to more people.

Neither company has revealed what will come of this move in the future, but it is known that Lift Labs will be working as part of Google X, the semi-secret research facility created to work on the development of cutting-edge technology. Other projects that are part of this division include Google Glass and the driverless car.

Alan Littler

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