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Google promotes suicide hotline on search page

Google promotes suicide hotline on search page

As Christmas and the New Year approach, Google and Facebook have launched help for people who are considering suicide. The holidays can exacerbate the intensity of depression, resulting in a greater number of suicide attempts. Google will detect search entries, which are related to suicide, and display a help number.

As the number of people using the Internet for help and information increases, it seems appropriate that Google and Facebook should offer help to anyone vulnerable to suicide. Search engines and social media play an integral role in people’s lives, indicating that anyone contemplating killing themselves would possibly look for help or information on the Internet. Facebook enables members to refer friends or relatives who are showing signs that they may commit suicide, who will then be contacted by a councillor.

If a search phrase contains any indication of suicide, Google display the suicide hotline number at the top of the search page. However, this service is only available in the US, UK and Australia, although Matt Cutts has promised a user that he would pass on a request for suicide services in other countries.

As search engines, especially Google are used each day by users wanting information, it is crucial to make the search engine giant a focus in a business SEO campaign. Social media also plays a significant role in search engine optimisation, which is why Facebook and Twitter also feature in a comprehensive SEO campaign. Whether a person is suffering depression in Chester, or looking for holiday bargains in California, Google is the first choice for users.

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