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Google prepares to increase search speed

Google prepares to increase search speed

Google’s new Instant Pages system will cut the time it takes for a web page to load by two to five seconds. The search engines have been improved yet again in an attempt to improve a user’s search experience. Plans are also being made to offer voice activated searching and enhanced image searching.

According to statistics supplied by comScore, Google’s share of the search market fell by one percent to 66 percent, still way ahead of Bing at 14 percent which rose from 12 and Yahoo with 15.9 percent. Advances in technology will improve the time it takes for Google users to receive the information they are searching for, hopefully leading to an increase of Google‘s search market share.

As a user is typing in the search box results are already appearing, as Google predicts the number one result the user will click on. If that result is clicked on, the web page loads instantly saving around five seconds. Amit Singhal from Google, appearing at the Inside Search event in San Francisco was quoted on the BBC website saying:

“We at Google will not be happy until we make the Web as easy to flip through as a magazine.”

Users of Google’s Chrome web browser will be able to experience Instant Pages for themselves as it is introduced over the next couple of weeks. Google is also looking to making voice activation available for personal computers, already in use on mobile devices.

As Google is continuously making improvements to search engines, improving a users experience, it is essential that companies review their search engine optimisation campaign in order to benefit from changes. Improved SEO techniques will be necessary to increase search engine visibility.

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