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Google prepares to identify all objects

Google prepares to identify all objects

With the acquisition of a patent for new technology which could change the search function worldwide, Google is attempting to recognise all types of objects on the planet. The search engine will gain even more knowledge about users worldwide, which could also affect the SEO campaigns of businesses from Chester to California.

The new technology will make it possible for Google to mimic the human brain and be able to recognise any object, and to store the information using “automatic large scale video object recognition”. According to the patent, the technology is capable of scanning video content and selecting objects and landmarks before tagging and categorising it. For instance, if you have a photo or video taken which includes footage of a famous landmark, the photo or video will be tagged with the landmark and your location. Although the new technology could change the way people use the internet, there are some who have privacy concerns. A warning has already been issued by a number of civil liberty groups that the technology will provide Google with information of a user’s private life.

Google has the tools to gain information worldwide, with Google Goggles, YouTube and Android phones but will soon be able to understand what it sees. According to the search engine company, it will have a repository of around 50,000 objects which will vary from individual objects to identifiers. The search engine optimisation of companies world wide could be affected by the new technology, possibly benefiting those with SEO careers.

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