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Google predicts thousands of jobs as e-commerce expands

Google predicts thousands of jobs as e-commerce expands

A prediction by the vice president of Google Europe, Philipp Schindler brings new hope to the UK economy this week. Schindler, who’s based in London, believes that the rapid expansion of Internet based businesses could create 365,000 jobs by 2015. He has urged the government to invest in e-commerce, encouraging development and innovation which could lead to greater export opportunities.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Schindler stated that:

“the biggest driver of export opportunity you will find over the next decades”

was the Internet. He advised that companies ought to be utilising the current trends, like video, social media, smartphones and cloud computing.

According to Schindler, who was born in Germany, studies show that 20 percent of GDP growth is due to the Internet. He used the forecasts for GDP growth between 2011 and 2015 to arrive at his estimate for job creation. He said:

“In the UK, given the rate of job creation that economists associate with a rise in GDP, this translates into an expectation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs thanks to the Internet.”

The Google executive acknowledged that the UK are demonstrating success in e-commerce, as three dollars are exported by the UK for every pound imported. Increased broadband connectivity for mobile Internet is essential, according to Schindler if the UK are to achieve their goals.

It is also essential for businesses to develop new strategies for their search engine optimisation campaign. In the forthcoming years, businesses could see significant developments in all areas, from Cheshire to foreign climes.

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