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Google predicts further user personalisation

Google predicts further user personalisation

As the arguments rage on concerning Google’s privacy policy, an executive from the search engine company has suggested that adverts and search results will be personalised in a few years’ time.

Susan Wojcicki, leading advertising executive for Google, appeared at the Search Marketing Expo conference to give a presentation, when she made the controversial statement.

The company’s new privacy policy came into force on 1st March 2012, amid much argument and concern. Jack Menzel and Wojcicki have made an admission that Google is still deciding how to tackle the project for personalisation of search and ads. When asked about Google’s plans for the next few years, Wojcicki gave a personal account of advertising. Her daughter wanted to have lessons in Chinese, so she emailed a few friends for a recommendation. After being given a name by her contacts, a page which displayed her original email had the same teacher’s name displayed. She said:

“If this happened all the time, I wouldn’t have to go ask my friends. I could just have Google magically tell me. To do that, we’ll have to do some of the work that we’re doing now in terms of personalisation and “getting to know our users better.”

Wojcicki stated that it is her wish that Google will eventually only produce adverts that are relevant and of interest to a user. As Google continues to make changes to the way it produces ads and search results, businesses have to make necessary updates to their SEO campaign, making some SEO jobs more complex.

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