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Google Poetics based on user searches

Google Poetics based on user searches

Google’s autocomplete feature appears to be the inspiration behind a wave of blogs and websites which use previous search entries to create Google Poetics.

As a user types in words into the search engine, suggestions automatically appear in the results box. Those of an artistic bent are starting to interpret the results as poetry.

Google is the most popular search engine for users who want to know the answers to their questions. As a query is typed into the search box, Google’s algorithms produce suggestions as the user types in an effort to pre-empt their search and save time.

Some of these can be quite humorous and have been used as fodder for blogs. Although there are other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo!, Google dominates the market, which probably explains why its lyrical search returns have caught people’s imagination

One of the factors to determine which suggestions are shown is popularity, so if a search query has been typed many times it may appear in the suggestion list. As the suggestions have been previously searched for by users, the results are believed to be considered relevant by Google.

This gives us an an insight on how search engine optimisation works. As part of formulating a strategy, a SEO expert must consider the terms that people are searching for, and anticipate the relevance attached to them by Google. Given the eloquent results that have been cropping up recently, it may be time for those in SEO careers to consider how this aspect may be added to their armoury.

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