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Google Plus TV ad uses “real life” to target Facebook

Google Plus TV ad uses “real life” to target Facebook

Google is continuing its fight for supremacy of social networks with a series of 90 second TV adverts to be aired in the United States. The first TV ad was shown on Thanksgiving Day during NFL football games. During the four months that Google+ has been in existence, it has gained 40 million users, with Facebook having 800 million users.

The ads concentrated on the human interaction features of Google+, with only highlights of the technical features. The Circles option was the main segment of the TV ads, highlighting the benefits of being able to designate certain friends into groups, controlling which information is shown to which group. Facebook, on the other hand, lumps “friends” together, although following the launch of Google+ the networking site did introduce a feature similar to Circles.

The TV ads emphasised the sharing of information, showing family groups and friends rather than work colleagues or clients. One girl says:

“It’s not relevant to talk about certain things with certain people, especially my guy friends. I don’t fill them in on every aspect of my life, whereas I might with my girlfriends or my mom or whatever.”

Other features highlighted are the “hangout” option, to hold a video conferencing call between groups, and the search feature. Google are continuously developing new technology, exploring possibilities others may feel are impossible. Innovation can make some SEO jobs much more difficult, as a successful SEO campaign has to be updated on a regular basis.

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