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Google Plus steals Facebook’s thunder with a redesign

Google Plus steals Facebook’s thunder with a redesign

Google Plus profile pages will be undergoing a redesign, with the announcement delivered just before Facebook unveiled significant changes to its News Feed.

The statement, by the Product Manager of Google Plus Sara McKinley, was made the day before Facebook announced that the site will now closely resemble its mobile version. That redesign accompanies Graph Search, which could have a huge affect on Google Search and companies like Yelp.

The changes were announced by Sara using her Google Plus pages. The alterations to the social media site will include a tab for users to add their own reviews on local restaurants, shops and more. Additionally, users may hide the tab if they don’t want to use it, by visiting the settings section of the site. Plus Ones, photos and YouTube videos will still be available, and users will be able to have greater flexibility when it comes to editing their profile, choosing whether to share their information with specified circles or keep the information private.

Cover photos will also be increased, giving a greater choice of images which can be used. The changes are similar to Graph Search, which also lets users give their own reviews of local companies. The developments from both Facebook and Google Plus could affect the local search strategy of companies implementing social media into their own search engine optimisation campaign. Businesses in all UK cities, including Liverpool, will be working hard to amend their SEO campaign to maximise the potential of the new features of Facebook and Google Plus.

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