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Google opposes automatic blocks to adult content sites

Google opposes automatic blocks to adult content sites

Following the release of news that the government is considering the blocking of adult content sites at a network level, Google has stated that it considers proposed moves to be “a mistake”.

The government is currently in consultation with Internet Service Providers to decide whether filters of adult content sites should be set as default at network level.

A number of ISPs already have filters in place at network level, although users are invited to request the filter of adult content. If the decision is made by the government to block adult content, anyone who wishes to view sites containing adult material would have to request the permission from their ISP. The head of public policy for Google, Sarah Hunter said that the search engine company would rather see improved education for parents rather than enforcing technical solutions. She confirms that Google agrees that children shouldn’t be allowed access to adult material, but disagrees on methods to be used. She said:

“There is a problem about the extent to which we deskill parents by giving them simple solutions. We should be making more effort than we’ve done in the past to make sure parents really do know the risks children face online.”

TalkTalk have the option for parents to block adult material at network level. However, the executive director of strategy and regulation for TalkTalk, Andrew Heaney believes that having a default setting could be a mistake.

Google strive to provide information and education, often funding learning projects, which is why it is at the heart of any SEO campaign. Businesses all over the world rely on freedom of information to thrive, whether in Liverpool or LA.

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