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Google Music to tie in with Google+

Google Music to tie in with Google+

According to an article in Wall Street Journal, Google is to launch a new music service, currently named Google Music. Reports say that the service will be closely linked with Google+, its social network site.

The rumours that Google was to introduce a music service were confirmed by Andy Rubin, the head of Google’s Android mobile Operating System, at the AsiaD conference in Hong Kong. He said that the music service would be “Google-esque” and “will have a little twist”, rather than being a routinely operated MP3 player which downloads 99 cent tunes.

Prior to the comments from Rubin, the New York Times reported that the search engine giant was to launch a music store which would be connected to its Beta service, which was launched in May. Google is reported to be negotiating with the main music labels and may even launch its new music service before iTunes Match from Apple, due out late October.

The Wall Street Journal reports that users of Google+ will be able to share music with their friends, first recommending and then letting their friends listen to the music once. To listen again, users will be charged 99 cents to download the song.

Google attracted negative press from music labels following the launch of its beta service earlier this year, as it didn’t obtain licensing agreements. However, Google countered with the fact that they were only offering storage for music already owned.

As Google progresses into different areas of the web, it is imperative that businesses stay ahead of the progress made, so they can ensure their search engine optimisation campaign is effective and current.

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