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Google Maps needs spellchecker

Google Maps needs spellchecker

Michael Scott has spent approximately 18 months trying to get Google to spell the name of his home town correctly. The name of St. Catharines was displayed on Google Maps with two different spellings, with only one of them correct. Apparently, the residents of the town were used to the name being spelt incorrectly, but Scott decided to sort it out once and for all.

After contacting Google with no success initially, he finally managed to report the problem using a new feature that Google has displayed on the site, called ‘report a problem’. Scott explained that spelling the name of their city – which is the largest in a major region of Canada – incorrectly was the same as misspelling Seattle or Indianapolis.

As Scott is a marketing professional, he realised that the error could cause a bad impression initially, preventing new businesses from relocating to the town. Google was quick to correct the error, leaving Scott relieved that the name was finally spelt correctly.

The same errors and mistakes can cause a poor first impression for a business website. Visitors to your website will presume that if your knowledge of English grammar and spelling is poor, then your merchandise will be poor quality too. Using a freelance professional writer can be expensive with some disadvantages. They may not be reliable, not completing contracts if they are ill or some better paid work comes along. A copywriting agency which employs freelancers and professional writers directly, will be a reliable option which is inexpensive, providing high quality copy for your website.

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