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Google makes hardware available to developers and companies

Google makes hardware available to developers and companies

A new service has been unveiled by Google at the I/O Developers conference, called Compute Engine. The datacentres of Google will be made available to anyone who wants access to extra computer power. The service will let users run just about any programme they wish on Google’s servers, unlike App Engine which was launched by Google in 2008 and had a number of restrictions.

The service was unveiled by Urs Holzle, who oversees Google’s infrastructure. Holzle explained that the service would be aimed at organisations which required computer power in large quantities. He further demonstrated this with a genetic analysis application, using 600,000 processors. App Engine had a large number of restrictions, even controlling the programming language which could be used by software developers. However, Compute Engine is going to provide the freedom for customers to run whichever applications they like.

The new service is currently in the testing stages and won’t be available for a while to customers. Google has stressed that the company’s expertise and knowledge of large datacentres would enable the company to offer more computer power per dollar and have lower charges than rivals. Amazon and Microsoft are already in the hardware market and will become rivals of Google. A large number of companies turn to services like Compute Engine to cope with the peaks and troughs of traffic.

Google features strongly in a number of businesses, like the search engine optimisation campaign and the use of extra computer power. Outsourcing to Compute Engine will be invaluable for companies all over the UK, from Chester to Chesterfield.

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