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Google loses one of the originals

Google loses one of the originals

The first employee of Google, after Sergey Brin and Larry Page, has left the Internet giant to work for Kahn Academy, an organisation which provides online learning. One of the first reports of the departure of Craig Silverstein appeared in the newsletter from Edsurge, and was later confirmed by the search engine giant.

Silverstein attended Stanford University as a computer science graduate student in the nineties. It was at this time that he became aware of the search algorithm, which would eventually become one of the most popular search engines in the world. He worked with Brin and Page on the idea at university, even before the advent of Google in 1998.

Silverstein provided little information about his new duties at Kahn Academy, but he did say in his farewell email:

“I am as passionate about Google’s mission now as I’ve ever been, and as proud of the work we’re doing to achieve it. While a lot has changed at Google over the years, I think we’ve done a remarkable job of staying true to our core mission of making the world a better place by making information more accessible and useful.”

Google issued a written statement to wish Silverstein the very best, and to acknowledge the huge contribution made by him in search development and other projects. Silverstein did indeed change the way that the world operates, as search engines are an instrumental aspect of every day life, leading to roles in search engine optimisation all over the world, from Liverpool to LA.

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