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Google Instant Pages to speed up search times

Google Instant Pages to speed up search times

Google Chrome announced at the start of August that Instant Pages would be available to all users. Previously, the feature had only been released to those on the Chrome beta channel. This development is part of a new Instant platform, which reduces loading times for sites. When the feature was initially released, a demonstration was performed by loading a page from the Washington Post. The loading time was reduced from 3.2 seconds on a regular browser to 0.0 seconds using Instant pages.

The ability to load pages instantly is performed using technology called “prerendering” which lets browsers predict which site the user will click on. According to a report in The Chromium Blog:

“The browser fetches all of the sub-resources and does all of the work necessary to display the page. In many cases, the site simply seems to load instantly when the user clicks.”

Although this is welcome news for Google users, the technology is available for all site developers, which means that faster download speeds will become routine for many. According to Cnet.com there are a large number of other improvements to Google Chrome, in fact more than 5,200. Among those improvements are print preview and Voice search. In addition Google’s combined search box and address bar, the omnibox, will have greater efficiency.

Google plays a large role in search engine optimisation techniques and is the key to developing a business online. This makes it crucial for companies to maximise their opportunities in their SEO campaign.

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