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Google increases market share in United States

Google increases market share in United States

Google has seen the US market share increase by 0.5 percent to 65.3 percent. Yahoo, meanwhile fell to 15.5 percent, although it still retains the second position according to ComScore. Microsoft remained the same with 14.7 percent of the market share.

Google’s revenue comes mostly from advertising on its search engine. In order to stay ahead of the completion, Google are constantly striving for improvements and new features. Instant Pages was introduced in June 2011, linking a user to the search results almost instantaneously. The changes resulted in search times being reduced between two and five percent.

Although Microsoft and Yahoo collaborated last year to battle against Google in the search engine war, they still struggled to compete. In the quarter April to June, revenue from US search advertisements rose by 12 percent. This year during the months July to September, revenue only increased by seven percent, according to online marketing company IgnitionOne Inc.

Shares of Google, California rose to $537.17, while shares for Microsoft, Washington rose to $26.94 and shares for Yahoo, California rose to $15.84. Google are looking to increase revenues with expansion into mobile advertising and display advertisements and other new ventures. An analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co, based in New York said:

“We believe core search is holding up well, and display and mobile continue to deliver outsized growth.”

Ongoing improvements made by Google can make some SEO jobs harder, but a creative search engine optimisation campaign is crucial to the success of a business.

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