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Google improves search results yet again

Google improves search results yet again

Google has added a new search tool to their system, improving the search results for users without having to use the ‘+’ button. As a large number of users don’t know how to implement the ‘+’ tool correctly, it was proving to be inadequate. The verbatim tool will enable a user to search for an exact term, with search results reflecting the exact search term typed into the search bar.

The ‘+’ symbol typed into the search bar, along with your search term will generate results which match your search term. However, Google discovered that two thirds of users were using the symbol incorrectly, and therefore not achieving the desired effects for the search results.

When you switch the new tool on, which can be found on the left side of the Google search screen under “more search tools”, you will be presented with matches to your exact search terms. Google will deliver results for exactly what you asked for, without predicting what you are searching for based on your last search. Google will offer spelling corrections in everyday use, but with the verbatim tool activated, won’t offer alternative spellings.

In a blog post, Google wrote:

“We’re also applying similar ideas directly to our algorithms, such as tuning the accuracy of when our query broadening search improvements trigger.”

Continuous improvement is the aim for Google, making the user experience more enjoyable. The improvement could make some SEO jobs more difficult, which is why it’s crucial to be aware of any alterations required for a businesses SEO campaign.

  • … yet another thing on the SEO to-do list! I remember when I just had to create a website – full stop! It’s got interesting but harder – and my problem is lack of time and sometimes money to chase this stuff!

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