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Google updates

Google help docs updated with new information

Google updates

Google help docs updated with new information

Google has recently updated its help documents with a range of updates to its documentation, helping website owners to better optimise their websites for search engines.

There are three sections of the documentation in particular that have been updated over the past few days:


The Googlebot section has had new information added regarding how much content on a HTML page is crawled by search engines. It may surprise many to learn that only 15MB of content on a page is crawled, indexed, and ranked by search engines, but this stresses the important of having the most important content on a page within the first 15MB to make sure it is crawled and indexed by Google.

Job Postings

The update the Job Postings section is an update to the structured data (sometimes known as Schema) enabling you to provide more detailed information about content on your site to search engines.

It’s only a small update, but an important one – if you include the jobLocation property in the schema on a Job listing page, Google points out that you also need to include the addressCountry property, this makes sure that search engines can easily understand what country the job is available in. This also gives you a better chance of being shown in the Jobs section of search results.

HTTP Status Codes

The updated information within the HTTP Status Codes isn’t new as such, but has been moved from another location so that SEOs and website owners can more easily find information about 404 errors and soft 404 errors (which are normally pages will little to no content).

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