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Google+ growth matches Facebook

Google+ growth matches Facebook

Google recently announced that the number of active users for Google+ had increased to 135 million. From the middle of September when Google+ had 100 million users, the number increased to 135 million in just 2.5 months. According to experts, this pace of growth matches that of Facebook when it had around the same number of active users.

In addition to announcing the growth of Google+, the search engine company also announced a new feature named “Google+ Communities” and improvements to Snapseed, Google’s mobile photo app. The last count of users on Google+ was on 17th September and since then the social media site users have increased by 35 million. This number equates to around a 14 million increase in user numbers for Google+ every month, which is much the same as Facebook in its early days. At the end of August 2008, Facebook had around 100 million users, increasing to 200 million users in April 2009, which is 14.3 million users monthly.

Google+ has seemed to struggle to gain respect as a social media site, which was echoed by Bradley Horowitz in an interview with Wired.com recently. He said:

“We launched to a lot of scepticism, and I will be the first to admit that in the wake of Orkut and Blogger and Buzz and Wave, the world had a right to be sceptical about Google. When we said this was different, people didn’t necessarily believe us.”

As Google+ improves and gains more members, the search engine optimisation of businesses around the UK may have to change. An SEO campaign incorporates social media and the competition between Google+ and Facebook could change things slightly.

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